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Route to Wheeling (best way from south side to Panhandle trail)

Planning on overnight trip to Wheeling. Looks about 70 miles each way and mostly rail trails. Seems like the best way for me is the south side trail to the pan handle trail. So what's the best way to get to Carnegie? West end circle to Nobles town road? How bad is that?
2014-06-24 17:49:37
Scope the online version of the bike-Pgh map, it's pretty well mapped out there. I've done the ride as described, it's not super friendly, but doable. I didn't have any negative interactions last time I did this.
2014-06-24 20:48:14
Between Weirton WV and Wellsburg WV (where you can pick up the Brooke Pioneer Trail and other asphalt trails along the Ohio River) the obvious route is to bike on the shoulder of Route 2. I just biked that on Saturday and it's not pleasant. The shoulder is narrow and often gravel-strewn and cars are going 60 mph. You can check it in Google StreetView. An alternative (that I've done pieces of) would be to leave the Panhandle Trail in Burgettstown and bike hilly roads through Avella and Bethany College and then follow Buffalo Creek downstream to Wellsburg. It might take longer, due to the hills, but it's far less nerve-wracking.
2014-06-25 12:43:19
I biked from Pittsburgh to Wheeling last fall. Mikhail's route is pretty good, though I would suggest continuing to follow E Main through central Carnegie instead of turning onto Mansfield. Once you get on the Panhandle trail, it's smooth sailing from there to the WV Border. I took a couple different routes from Colliers to Follansbee: none of them are ideal, but they all get the job done. The real butt-clencher is getting from Follansbee to Wellsburg along the river. Definitely the worst part of the trip. But from there, the trail into Wheeling is beautiful and uncrowded. Enjoy your trip!
2014-06-25 13:13:27
Thanks for all the help guys! Looking forward to riding it.
2014-06-25 19:58:35
had a good ride this weekend! West end circle to the Panhandle trail was a little rough on Nobelstown road. Also, google had me going over some big hills from the Panhandle trail to Colliers to Follansbee. But it was still a pretty area. All easy after that. Oh and I made it home before the rain today.
2014-07-13 17:22:30