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Scheduled Maintenance - Jan 12 / 13

There is potential that the message board might be down for some scheduled maintenance Tue, January 13, 12am – Wed, January 14, 12am. We will do our best to keep any interruptions as minimal as possible. Thank you. BikePGH Staff.
2015-01-12 10:14:51
Update: 1/12/15 - 2.30pm This will be the first of a few updates to our backend over the next few weeks. We will keep everyone posted as things develop.
2015-01-12 14:37:04
Any chance the photo upload feature on this message board will be repaired by the various updates?
2015-01-12 14:41:12
We are working to update the version from BBPress 2.2.2 to the current version 2.5.4. To do this we are working with Agency 1903's web developers / engineers who are kind enough to donate their services. Before any big changes are made we will test things on a private development site. We hope that this will fix a number of bugs in the site and will keep everyone posted when we are ready to make changes.
2015-01-12 16:15:15
Sounds good. Thanks for the advance notice!
2015-01-12 22:55:14
Thanks to all for their efforts!
2015-01-13 18:30:26
Oh thank god. Long overdue.
2015-01-14 17:59:28
I am still not seeing the icon or the functionality to load a photo. From a desktop machine, if I hover over the area in the northwest corner of the box where I'm typing, it looks like the functionality should be there, but it is not.
2015-01-15 08:14:44
I have a mac and can't use the Quote button and no picture icon. I am not complaining about it, just reporting it if that helps. Regardless, it is nice to read from other cyclists in Pittsburgh.
2015-01-17 11:11:56
Is this the new infrastructure complaint thread? Awesome! Here's some requests: 1) have links render in-line, as opposed to way up. I'm tired of having to format my comments to avoid it. 2) the Quote format is ridiculous. This is why the html-aware of us use the "em" markup instead. Why on earth does the quote have to be larger than the current comment? Really. 3) why does the markup get discarded? I mean, it's not like enabling