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Searchable list of missing bikes?

Just occured to me that this would be a fine resource for a conscientious craiglister and eminently doable with our wiki.
2014-05-26 21:27:58
OK, put out there under the locking and theft prevention section. The most recent three stolen bikes only... if yours was stolen before please request an account to the wiki and add yourself. My very brief attempts to get images displaying inline failed, I'm sure there's a trivial way to do that and having those inline in the page would be a definite plus.
2014-05-27 07:59:57
There's a nation-wide registry at that I think we should encourage people to send their info to as well. The local wiki page is a great idea though, especially since we've had recoveries happen when people around the area take notice.
2014-05-27 08:21:50
Looks like wikis prohibit inline display of external images, by default. So you'd either have to upload each image to the wiki, or else get the wiki admin to change a config setting.
2014-05-27 08:55:19
I just ran across this Project 529 thing myself. Glad to see that we've already encountered it before. Website Facebook page This might be a bandwagon worth jumping on. Certainly worth looking into.
2014-06-18 03:07:06