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Shadyside to East Pittsburgh/Turtle Creek

Anyone know of a quick, safe route? I've been taking the Three Rivers Trail from Southside past the Waterfront and then taking the Rankin Bridge into Braddock and having to bike up the Tri Boro Expressway. Thanks
2014-05-06 12:18:38
You do know about the sidewalk along the East Busway from Wilkinsburg to Rankin, right? Except for the part through Edgewood, which didn't cooperate with Port Authority when the busway was extended 10-15 years ago. It starts here and ends here. Local streets through Edgewood. Slow down by the busway stations so you don't hit anyone.
2014-05-06 12:31:01
Alternatively: Braddock Ave -> Woodstock Ave -> Center St and then ride underneath US 30 and down into Turtle Creek. You can also go through Frick Park to cut off some of Braddock Ave if that appeals to you.
2014-05-06 12:48:58
I think Haroon meant Southside to East Pittsburgh, not Shadyside to East Pittsburgh. O/w his present route doesn't make sense. And I don't have any alternative to his present route. That's the way I go.
2014-05-06 12:54:50
Is it currently possible to follow [what is labelled on google maps as] "Braddock Ave" through the valley and under US 30 and the TBE to continue eastward or does one need to go up into East Pgh and then back down to Braddock Ave again? I tried once last summer to do that and failed miserably.
2014-05-06 13:01:29
@StuInMcCandless - I'll take a look at the sidewalk you were talking about, thanks for the heads up. @jonawebb - I meant Shadyside. I know it's weird but according to google maps, I'd end up having to take Lincoln Highway/Ardmore Blvd and that's just too dangerous of a morning commute. @andyc - No, I'd have to bike up TBE from Braddock Ave in order to get into East Pittsburgh.
2014-05-06 13:31:36
OK, from Shadyside I would go to Greensburg Pike and take that down. It runs into Turtle Creek and is all downhill. Google says take Frankstown Road to Graham Blvd but I personally would go through the edge of Frick Park, Wilkinsburg, and then William Penn, like this:
2014-05-06 13:40:43
@jonawebb - That's a fantastic route, definitely like the fact that it's all downhill and has a sidewalk as well. Any recommendations on the commute back to Shadyside in the afternoon?
2014-05-06 14:21:51
Thanks. I just reverse the route. It's uphill the other way, unfortunately... but you can take the right lane and the traffic is not too bad.
2014-05-06 14:27:10
Alright, thanks again
2014-05-06 14:33:41
Jon's whole route isn't downhill, just the Greensburg Pike part of it. You climb about 400 feet to get to it. When I went through East Pittsburgh a few years ago, I took Edgewood Ave to Braddock Ave to Woodstock to Bell, then went down Linden Avenue into East Pittsburgh. It looks like that has less climbing overall, though what there is is spread out more. I see Ride With GPS claims Linden Avenue is "planned" and not open, though Google Maps shows it's OK.
2014-05-06 16:10:00
Yeah. I take railroad to Race. Get on the sidewalk to cross over braddock into "downtown swissvale" take woodstock to center. That is the safest way for sure.
2014-05-08 08:00:47