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Slow Training Ride.

There is a lot of humor about how slow I am, but it's not really a joke. I mean, I've never really been passed by a glacier, nor had a continent drift past me. But I have been passed by a walker going up a steep hill. My buddy Bicycle Joe and I are training for a GAP ride at the end of May. I'll be doing a ride this Sunday, starting around 11 am going until maybe 3:30 or 4. Mostly on trails. Plenty of stops. Probably about 30 miles. Almost certainly less than 40 miles, because, well, you know... If you are interested, PM me. Thanks
2015-04-17 11:41:12
I love the name Bicycle Joe. Damn I wish my parents had named me Joe.
2015-04-17 11:59:01
"Bicycle Edmonds59" just doesn't have the same ring ;) Joe has been a utility rider since the 60's. I think his parents named him "Dwight."
2015-04-17 12:03:27
We'll be doing this again on Sunday. Will be as slow as ever, but probably going out the GAP trail to Sutersville and back. Starting about 11.
2015-05-01 11:46:41
PS does anyone know if the Sutersville ice cream stand is open? Critical question.
2015-05-01 12:00:00
You mean "Yough Twister"? Dunno, would be surprised if they weren't by now, though.
2015-05-01 14:44:12