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South Along the Mon

Anyone know how far down W 5th Ave / Bunola River Rd along the Monongahela is ridable? I've been as far as Bunola and would love to keep pushing further south but not sure if it turns into a highway or anything. Also, anyone know of any water / good stops along this route?
2022-09-03 23:13:56
In 2012 I biked this road beyond Bunola thru Belle Vernon to Fayette City, and it was tolerable. But probably worse in 2022 with bigger cars and more distracted drivers. Maybe try it on a Sunday morning when car traffic is low? As a stopping point try Gallatin Sunnyside Park across the river from the town of Monongahela. I don't know if they have water.
2022-09-27 11:23:02
Thanks, Paul. I have since ridden out to Rt136 & it appears that is as far as I can go south; 136 seems to turn into more of a highway and isn't directly connected to Bunola Rd. Gallatin Sunnyside Park seems to be further south along 136; are you saying I could ride my bike on that road?   I didn't find riding Bunola Rd too bad. There were a few rough patches with crappy shoulders but there are far less cars out there than on Allegheny River Blvd or Freeport Rd, two roads I frequent.
2022-09-27 16:21:45
As you probably know, the StreetView feature in Google Maps allows you to view many streets & roads from a computer or smartphone. On a laptop or desktop computer: go to, zoom into the section of road you're curious about, drag the little yellow man in lower right and drop him on a road (blue highlight indicates the road has been photographed every 10 or so feet using StreetView cameras on top of a car, but not all roads have been visited by StreetView -- Big Brother can't be everywhere...) and you should be in a 360-degree viewer that allows you to pan & tilt the camera (e.g. check road shoulders & surface). On a smartphone, in Google Maps app, zoom into road, tap on road where you want to take a look, map should then show a red pushpin icon where you tapped and if the road has been StreetView-photographed you should get a wide angle photo from the road with a white circular arrow. Tap the photo and then pan&tilt as above.
2022-10-26 10:04:38