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Stolen Bike, Any Tips?

Hi there, Unfortunately I had my bike stolen from a secured storage center at the Hot Metal Flats apartment building. While I will go to them and see if there is camera footage inside, I was wondering if anyone had any tips regarding what pawn shops to look at? Or other used bike stores? Pretty new to biking, so I'm open to all suggestions regarding this. Bike: black Trek FX2 Serial: WTU111C0558L
2018-05-02 17:58:12
From bike PGH http://localhost/resources/lock-right-bike-registration/ OH NO! MY BIKE WAS STOLEN If you registered your bike with BikePGH through the Bike Index and need help getting your serial number, contact us at or 412-325-4334. If you registered with us we can help get the word out. Contact the police to let them know about the theft. Provide them with details about your bicycle, including make, model, serial number, and identifying features Notify pawn shops, bike shops that sell used bikes, and search Craigslist for your bike. You can also get help from the bicycling community by posting to the BikePGH message board and posting to our Facebook page. Notify us and the police of the theft.
2018-05-02 21:07:59
Also on that page click on "register your bike" and then choose the "my bike was stolen" option.
2018-05-02 21:09:58
Btw, after discovering this free registration I registered all 6 of the bikes in our house and it took 10 minutes. Majority of the time was spent on the floor wiping mud off the serial #s.
2018-05-04 06:41:53
thank you for all of the info!
2018-05-04 16:02:26