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Stolen Bike - Police Giant Rainier

Hi Everybody, My name is Johnny. I am new to Pittsburgh and also relatively new to biking. Hope to meet all of you guys sometime! However, for a first post here... My bike recently got stolen in Bloomfield. If anybody happens to see it, could you please let me know? Thank you so much... My email is I bought a used frame (Giant Rainier, with faded "POLICE" printed on it), and "built" the bike with non-matching parts. The bike looks really "unique" because the parts on it were probably not meant for each other. Here is a picture... I recently added a rear rack right before it was stolen... Thank you so much for your help, greatly appreciate it! Best Wishes, Johnny Shieh
2014-06-24 08:53:57
Here's the pic from above Sorry for such a bad intro to our city. You may want to call some of the local bike shops to let them know in case someone tries to sell it (link on main page). And you might want to consider filing a city police report so they are aware of where crimes are occurring. And if you don't mind me asking, how was it locked? To my knowledge we've yet to have a bike stolen in Pittsburgh while using a U-lock. I know the advice comes a little late, but hopefully it prevents a future theft.
2014-06-24 11:22:26
Thanks a lot Marko! I had it locked... But cable lock... Lesson learned the hard way...!
2014-06-24 11:25:50