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Stolen Fuji Sunfire :(

My Fuji Sunfire was stolen from Locust Street by Mercy Hospital between 1:30 AM and noon on June 16. It is white with a white water bottle holder and a black rack on the back. Please help me find it :(
2014-06-16 14:04:51
Hey, you might want to remove that Serial# if you can still edit the post. Will keep a look out for it.
2014-06-16 15:21:47
You don't want to share that serial number, as that is a means of proving ownership. You'll want to have a moderator edit that out. *edit* JZ beat me to it.
2014-06-16 15:23:22
I park my bike in the garage at Mercy every day. I hope it's still there when I get out or work this evening. I saw nothing special today, so this is no help, sorry.
2014-06-16 18:43:55
Have you contacted Mercy or Duq. U. security office to check if the theft was caught by one of their cameras? It's also a good idea to file a city police report so they know where the thefts are occurring. A few stolen bikes were recovered last year by local bike shops too, so you may want to call around and let them know (there's a list of shops under 'resources' on the main page). Good luck!
2014-06-16 19:02:26