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Stolen Surly Cross Check from Polish Hill

Hey Folks,

My Surly Cross Check was stolen last night (wednesday 8/17) around midnight in Polish Hill, Morewood/Gold Way near the Bloomfield Bridge.

It's a black 49cm Cross Check with a front disk brake, salsa fork, black brooks saddle. If anyone sees this bike, can you please let me know?



2011-08-18 16:50:02

that sux. really hope you get it back (not an unreasonable thing to hope for, either, others have gotten bikes back).

I'll ask, because others will, out of curiosity ... locked up how, if at all?

Also, do you plan on filing a police report?

2011-08-18 17:31:19

Morgan, So sorry to hear this.

And this is the third or fourth bike stolen from Bloomfield/Lawrenceville in recent days. Be extra careful in where and how you lock your bike these days!

2011-08-18 17:54:13

I'm sorry, that sucks. Best of luck. I hope you get it back.

2011-08-18 17:57:53

Yes folks, learn from my mistake -- I was just saying hi to someone in their yard and left my bike unlocked outside the fence for 15-20 minutes, at night on a quiet residential street -- always lock up! I'm kicking myself.

In about 15 years of city riding both here and in NYC, this is my first stolen bike...

2011-08-18 21:04:58

awe, man! that still doesn't make the bike any less yours or in any way justify someone's taking it. thieves suck.

2011-08-18 21:17:12

i'm assuming poster means melwood/gold way under the bloomfield bridge, for clarification.

this is my street, i'll keep an eye out!

2011-08-20 03:04:50
Hey, just wanted to update that this bike was found a few years ago. It had been painted black, but the guy who sold it didn't know what a surly was. Then, a guy named Rob Hawk bought it from his friend, the buyer in the previous transaction. Rob noticed it was Morgan's bike because he knew him from Freeride, which he had explained when he brought it into Thick to get it fixed-up for his girlfriend. Well, Morgan just happened to be coming back through town in a couple weeks, and a mutual friend informed him of this development. Morgan called Rob, and Rob was all, "sorry bro, I can't give it back, I spent all this money on it." Rob knew it was stolen, knew whose it was, and the brosephs at Thick stayed out of it even after learning all this. Morgan lives on a fucking island or whatever, so it's not like he's crying about it, but the whole thing was such a bad look for so many people.
2016-04-26 19:42:20
what did you expect Thick to do? b/c they consistently step up in clear-cut stolen bike situations. I don't get you slamming the bike shop. The owner could've called the police (who are the people that handle theft).
2016-04-27 03:37:58
Lolz "brosephs at thick"
2016-04-27 05:51:58
Chris is such a fuckin broseph. That's what I thought when I just picked up a bunch of BB7 parts :)
2016-04-27 07:00:20
just wanna take this moment to lol at Vannevar for sticking up for the cop bike shop. looks like he doesn't post here anymore, cool. good. interesting to remember that this was not long after he'd harassed me for legally biking on a road by tailgating me and, therefore, making me unsafe for the first time at the end of a long day. #StraightWhiteManBikeMemories i never went back to Thick after that, pretty much. i didn't know they were the cop shop when i originally went there, and i was uncomfortable when i found out about it because you generally go to a shop for the good staff, not the bad management decisions. that interaction, where they protected a friend, just like cops do, instead of bragging about getting him arrested, which they've posted about on social media, was the indicator that it was time to move on. i know the op was bummed a friend would do that to him, but he ultimately didn't want to do the same thing to the new owner (that poor gf, who i hope found a better partner, yikes), so that was pretty decent, at the least.
2020-06-03 22:10:43
Boy there's a lot of people that used to post here that I miss. I'm not sure why anyone would resurrect a thread like this that makes a lot of people look bad without clearing anything up.
2020-06-04 22:02:19