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strip district trail

i see this on the bikepgh map but I'm not finding an easy way to connect to it coming from lawrenceville. I guess it starts around 31st but where is there an opening to get on and does it go all the way to connect with jail trail or die at the 16th bypass?

2012-08-13 19:04:09

If I understood you correctly...

Access points ( probably not all of them):,+PA+15216&hl=en&ll=40.444385,-80.003003&spn=0.001096,0.001603&sll=40.397182,-80.029497&hnear=2693+W+Liberty+Ave,+Pittsburgh,+Allegheny,+Pennsylvania+15216&t=h&z=20,+PA+15216&hl=en&ll=40.44502,-80.001036&spn=0.001096,0.001603&sll=40.397182,-80.029497&hnear=2693+W+Liberty+Ave,+Pittsburgh,+Allegheny,+Pennsylvania+15216&t=h&z=20,+PA+15216&hl=en&ll=40.445507,-79.998949&spn=0.001096,0.001603&sll=40.397182,-80.029497&hnear=2693+W+Liberty+Ave,+Pittsburgh,+Allegheny,+Pennsylvania+15216&t=h&z=20,+PA+15216&hl=en&ll=40.446472,-79.99633&spn=0.001095,0.001603&sll=40.397182,-80.029497&hnear=2693+W+Liberty+Ave,+Pittsburgh,+Allegheny,+Pennsylvania+15216&t=h&z=20,+PA+15216&hl=en&ll=40.44787,-79.99373&spn=0.001095,0.001603&sll=40.397182,-80.029497&hnear=2693+W+Liberty+Ave,+Pittsburgh,+Allegheny,+Pennsylvania+15216&t=h&z=20,+PA+15216&hl=en&ll=40.449773,-79.990672&spn=0.001095,0.001603&sll=40.397182,-80.029497&hnear=2693+W+Liberty+Ave,+Pittsburgh,+Allegheny,+Pennsylvania+15216&t=h&z=20,+PA+15216&hl=en&ll=40.450838,-79.989069&spn=0.001095,0.001603&sll=40.397182,-80.029497&hnear=2693+W+Liberty+Ave,+Pittsburgh,+Allegheny,+Pennsylvania+15216&t=h&z=20,+PA+15216&hl=en&ll=40.453418,-79.985098&spn=0.002191,0.003205&sll=40.397182,-80.029497&hnear=2693+W+Liberty+Ave,+Pittsburgh,+Allegheny,+Pennsylvania+15216&t=h&z=19,+PA+15216&hl=en&ll=40.454787,-79.983457&spn=0.002191,0.003205&sll=40.397182,-80.029497&hnear=2693+W+Liberty+Ave,+Pittsburgh,+Allegheny,+Pennsylvania+15216&t=h&z=19,+PA+15216&hl=en&ll=40.455984,-79.981676&spn=0.002191,0.003205&sll=40.397182,-80.029497&hnear=2693+W+Liberty+Ave,+Pittsburgh,+Allegheny,+Pennsylvania+15216&t=h&z=19

It starts at 25th. At rides we use it sometimes and 25th to 31st either Railroad street or Smallman and then up to 36th Smallman and then Butler.

2012-08-13 19:22:23

does it connect with the one that goes to 43rd? I've followed that one inbound and it appears to just peter out at a RR bridge.

2012-08-13 19:38:57

no i think it just ends there but is part of the grand scheme for the rivertrail? would be awesome to have that connect

2012-08-13 19:40:04

oh, the grand scheme is a fabulous network of river trails. It's perpetually scheduled to be complete 20 years in the future. I just keep hoping some day they make those last few connections for some of the smaller gaps, like that one, and the GAP.

2012-08-13 19:49:38

They made a little progress last year connecting the trail from 21st to 23d behind the Cork Factory which also included some nice landscaping and trail access ramps.

2012-08-13 20:45:07

Get off/on the trail at the Cork Factory building. Use Railroad St down to the 31st Street Bridge. Use Smallman down to about 36th St, and then to Charlotte until it ends. There is no really good way to get across 40th Street, so just duke it out on Butler for a block or two. From Butler & 40th, head toward the bridge but cut down Foster.

For the reverse of that, use Foster to about 41st Street, get up to Butler, duke it out until past 40th, R onto 36th (hey, if you can handle the corner itself, the rest of Butler isn't all that bad), and do what I said above in reverse.

2012-08-13 20:50:12

There is no really good way to get across 40th Street, so just duke it out on Butler for a block or two.

this isn't true, stu. there's a large, smooth parking lot that goes along the river underneath the 40th street bridge. i take it to 39th, but it may go to 38th. there are a bunch of jersey barriers across the end of 40th street from nrec. previously, they had been placed close together enough that the less adventurous would have to stop and lift their bike over, but as of the last few weeks, it's opened up enough that anyone can ride through comfortably.

2012-08-13 21:17:29

You can go under 40th St Bridge using the Trucking company's parking lot. Coming from upriver you can take the trail starting on 43rd street, turn left at the little park under the 40th St bridge, turn right before the railroad tracks through the tiny gap in the jersey barriers.

Using a bit of ingenuity you can ride from McCandless St to Downtown with only a few blocks spent on main roads.

2012-08-13 21:17:29

ok this is how i pretty much visualized my routing. Will have to remember Cork is where I can get on. rite aid parking lot is a nice short cut. I'm just deathly afraid of Butler aside from short spurts. Thanks guys.

2012-08-13 21:23:37

Thanks for the tip about getting through under the bridge.

2012-08-13 22:28:39

I bike through that gap between the jersey barriers under the 40th street bridge at least twice a day.

Love that gap!!! I never ride Butler.

2012-08-13 23:49:32

Yep. under the bridge is the way to go. However, sometimes, since I live on the hill I cut over from fisk st to davidson st across 40th st to the alley behind the arsenal school to 39th and then cross butler and take the back alleys to the strip district.

2012-08-14 12:49:11
Embarrassed this weekend because I had to tell out of town visitors that the strip district trail was still closed :/ I wonder what date they are kicking the can to next?
2015-03-24 08:37:14