Bike rage

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yeah, this article resonated with me because i found myself getting pretty ragey a few years ago and found that as often as anything it was just because I was getting into this ‘rush to get there’ or ‘entitled to speed’ mindset. And I find the more I’m in that state of mind, the more trouble I find. I find that if I don’t rush, run red lights, pass on the right at intersections and really think about how motorists will see me, I much less frequently have rage radiating towards or away from me…

The other thing is that I have to remember to forget (or at least shift my perspective on) rationality, as that goes out the window when people are stressed/rushed/feel entitled. So while I know that pulling around traffic at a light will not slow the traffic, I also know that it’ll likely agitate some driver and potentially cause problems down the road.

And I think it’s great that the article emphasized channeling what can become rage into something positive and helpful to all people (versus stabbing someone in the neck with a screwdriver (!!!) )

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