greetings people of earth!

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Hey. I’m sitting in a hotel room in State College so I thought I’d drop by and say hello. I have been back into cycling for 2 years now after some back and wrist problems but am in full swing again. I ride a cross bike to commute a few times a week from Esplen to Bridgeville and I also ride around town on the trails and such. Love it.

I got my nickname from a friend who once was making fun of me, although it has been a good trail name as a backpacker. I get out a bit with friends from the NEOHBackpackingClub and I lead some trips for the local Sierra Club now and again. If you google Patsquach you can find my photo page of adventures and email.

Now I am riding quite a bit and a friend at work is teaching me how to maintain my ride (rebuilt my hubs last weekend). I finally know the correct direction to turn the spokes and am coming along with that too.

I gave up a Schwinn World Tour when I couldn’t ride and was too depressed to look at it anymore. One of the worst mistakes of my life, and who else could understand something odd like that but you guys?

Be back on Monday or so.

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