Pittsburgh-Roubaix 2008

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Pittsburgh-Roubaix 2008
More info on the web page: http://pghalleycat.com/races/pittsburgh-roubaix-2008/

When: Sunday July 6th, registration opens at noon, race starts at 1
Start: Flagstaff Hill (Schenley Park, behind CMU)
Ends: Washington Boulevard Oval
Cost: $5
Prizes: Cash & others… $100 for first overall!

Rou-baix! Rou-baix! (If you can’t tell, that was me singing).

Anyway, year two for the Pittsburgh-Roubaix. Exact same course as last year.

For those who weren’t there, it’s about a 40 mile road with climbs and cobbles. Here’s the map.

It’s kind of a hard ride but in that “man, that was great!” way. I pre-road it a week before the MS-150 and realized that Spring Garden Ave is one of my favorite rides. And if you’re dying in the middle, I’m going to try to hook up the food & water stop on top of Stanton. Oh, to give you an idea of length, it took me about 2:15 to ride the course this year on a road bike. Last year it was a little more than 2:30 on the fixed. Last year’s overall winner was Ted who did it in 2 flat; Lomax won on his fixed gear in a little less than 2:30, I think.

Plus if you ride you might win prizes! There are overall, fixed, and women’s categories. Current prizes include a free frame & fork powder coating from Thick Bikes, $100, custom-made vegan cake or cupcakes from Minor Treat Vegan Bakery and more. We’ve also got smaller prizes… I mean, I’m pretty sure I could get some Spokepunchers gear. We might even have some bags and Swobo gear if the postman can get here by next Saturday.

If you don’t feel like riding, you can still come to the end at the Washington Blvd oval around 3pm. I’ll have a bunch of bread & fruit and anything else you feel like bringing. BYOB unfortunately.

Let me know if you’ve got any questions…

PS: yeah, I know it’s a crappy flyer, I’ve been busy.

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