Reasons not to ride a bike

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Let’s start a discussion about training kids that no form of transportation is valid other than driving.

Exhibit A: West View, Ann Arbor Ave at Georgetown.


Reasons to drive a car:
1. Warmer
2. Faster
3. Easier
4. Listen to tunes
5. Converse with passenger
6. Carry lots of stuff
7. Don’t need to dress different
8. In a pinch, can sleep there
9. Less likely to be injured in accident
10. Don’t get wet in rain
Hmm maybe I should do this more

Jacob McCrea

11. Depending on your skills and opportunities, you can lose far more in opportunity costs than what you save.
12. The economics of getting hurt by a driver with no or inadequate insurance and assets are devastating, especially if you are the primary breadwinner.


The sign in the photo only seems to prohibit biking (and the other activities) on the sidewalk. A big difference between “bikes belong only on the street” and “only driving is valid”.

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