What do ya think of these newfangled cranks/BBs

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Hey All you Wrenches,
So, I have a really annoying creak/click on my commuter bike which I’m fairly convinced comes from a worn-out crank (They’re square-taper Shimano Hollowtech touring triples – it’s funny, the noise seemed to go away when it was really cold, and is back in all it’s annoyingness now), and I’ve been looking into replacing them. I’ve fairly frequently had creaking problems with my (square taper) bottom brackets, and was wondering about these new, outboard bearing crank/BB set ups… Are they worth switching to? Will the convention change again in a year or two? How many new tools will I need to buy to use them? Will I still be able to get decent-quality square-taper cranks in the near future? Do these things have appreciably better performance/lifetime/anything-else? So confused… I know at least a coupla yinz must have strong opinions… Let ’em fly…

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