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Trick or treat ped deaths in CA

I live on a dead end street, and yet I had to jump in the road and yell at TWO cars driving too fast for conditions last night. I and my neighbors were furious that people that dont even live on our street would be so careless. Now I come across this story and I wish I would have stopped my drivers and beat the hell out of them. SANTA ANA, CA -- Three teenage girls (13 to 15) trick-or-treating in costume were hit and killed in a Halloween hit-and-run collision
2014-11-01 07:50:48
Looks a lot like our Smallman and 14th corner, where a woman got killed a year or so ago, in a crosswalk. In StreetView, I see that the speed limit on the main drag there is FORTY-FIVE miles per hour, though it drops to 25 for the school zone at that corner. You don't have to be speeding to kill someone if the *regular* speed on a street is 45. What's the typical, ambient speed? 55? 60? What constitutes "speeding", then? 75?
2014-11-01 10:03:57
wow, that is digusting and tragic.
2014-11-01 10:58:08
Despicable. I sincerely hope the authorities put as much effort into finding these drivers as they put into finding Eric Frein.
2014-11-01 12:06:05