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Try-A-Bike Jamboree 2015, Sunday 08/23

Try-A-Bike Jamboree Sunday August 23rd, 10 AM-3 PM Five years and counting... On Sunday August 23rd, from 10 AM to 3 PM, 412 Flock will make use of the city’s Bud Harris Cycling Track to host the free “Try-A-Bike Jamboree.” Bicycle enthusiasts from around the region will bring a variety of bikes and trikes from their personal collections and allow short test rides around the half-mile paved oval loop normally used for racing. For less experienced riders, the flat interior surface of the track — a former driver’s ed course — provides a traffic-free area to get a feel for something they have never tried before. Try-A-Bike is not a sponsored event, it comes together entirely with the good will and enthusiasm of volunteers from the cycling community. Although the bikes will be adult-sized, supervised teens may also enjoy this event. Volunteers will be on hand to point out which bikes are available for test rides and to adjust seat heights. Bike-based tailgating and picnicking under the shade trees is encouraged. Bathrooms and vending machines are available at the neighboring Zone 5 Police Station. No dogs please. Helmets and waivers required. A map and directions to the track are here: WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! If you can help with the event and/or want to share your own bicycle(s) for supervised test rides, please contact dan D0T blumenfeld AT gmail D0T com. Setup begins at 9am. Event begins at 10am.
2015-07-28 13:36:19
2015-07-29 10:16:15
One of my favorite days of the year! Thanks so much to all y'all who organize it and bring bikes to share!
2015-07-29 11:47:21
Will the Port Authority have the bus rack there to try? I have a friend who wants to try it but would prefer not to do so while holding up traffic.
2015-08-20 11:19:25's scheduled to be there.
2015-08-20 11:30:25
I will be happy to assist people with learning how to use the portable rack. In my experience with the thing, it still takes some Q&A and coaching to get people comfortable with it.
2015-08-20 11:54:14
Thanks, Stu.
2015-08-20 11:54:55
If I brought a Surly Bill Trailer, could a person be given a ride on it? Any word on if Butler Wobble will be coming?
2015-08-20 14:47:11
> If I brought a Surly Bill Trailer, could a person be given a ride on it? 412Flock is solely responsible for organizing the event and does not assume liability for any attendees' actions. You and you alone are responsible for determining who is and is not allowed to use your equipment and how. If you want to allow riders in your trailer, that's between you and them.
2015-08-20 15:12:34
Luckily, I'll be pulling my lawyer in tow
2015-08-20 15:19:22
Organizers, unfortunately I'm going to have to withdraw from helping this year. We're taking my son to Ohio state this weekend, and I didn't realize the things were the same weekend until a day ago. If it turns out that I can get there I will. But I'm going to be pretty much a wreck anyway. This is rough.
2015-08-21 06:31:46
No worries, Bill. Hope your weekend goes well!
2015-08-21 06:34:29
Thank you Stu and Reddan for confirming the Port Authority rack is scheduled to be there and for offering to help.
2015-08-21 11:48:42
Thanks to everyone who provided the opportunity to try out all the different bikes today. I especially want to thank @reddan, who chases all the way out to State College to haul back an assortment of recumbents. Then he's the first one at the event, works like a dog all day, and has to make another trip to State College to return all of those bikes. Thanks, Dan!!
2015-08-23 14:26:01
Awesome event, thanks again to Dan and all of Flock, Thick Bikes, and... who was the e-bike vendor again? A nice selection of stuff to try, and worked out well for the kids, too. Have to know... the hubless (i.e. six pointed star) unicycle. Is there any way we can get that for the Hanukkah ride? It really feels like a must have item now.
2015-08-23 18:52:50
The Bullitt bike (aka Bakfiets) was a hit with small kids I didn't try the "Unicycle of David" - looked very challenging This double-unicycle / swingbike creature was the most frustrating bike I tried. I could pedal it but barely able to plan where I was going.
2015-08-23 19:48:19
That was lots of fun. :-) Thanks to everyone who came out, including-but-not-limited-to Sarah, Ray&family, Adam&family@ASR, Chris&Beth@Thick, Tim Frank@PAT, Stu, Marko, the 412 Flock folks, and everyone who hung out and made it a great afternoon!
2015-08-24 08:55:32
Thanks Dan! (and everyone else)
2015-08-24 19:43:23