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Washington Blvd bike loop

What distance is 1 lap on that loop,1/4 mile?

2010-07-24 03:45:13

I think it's a half mile.

2010-07-24 04:48:31

Half mile it is! and it is actually now known as "The Bud Harris Cycling Park" or as it's colloquially known: "The Oval."

2010-07-24 07:31:01

not "The Bud?"

2010-07-25 15:16:55

My kid likes it there. Is there a schedule of when the loop is open for just reggie riding?

2010-07-28 16:37:34

tues, wed and fri night it is closed for racing. otherwise open. there is no central schedule.

2010-07-28 17:31:50

Thanks! Just got my kiddo his first road bike and he's totally stoked to ride as much as possible. :)

2010-07-28 17:52:55


2010-07-31 01:59:18


2010-07-31 02:02:37

or, if the weather's just right, thunderdrome.

More seriously, does anyone know the location of the nearest (to Pittsburgh) indoor velodrome?

2010-08-01 23:21:12

The nearest indoor velodrome is in London, Ontario. There are only four in North America. Trexlertown is the nearest outdoor track.

There is a group that has credible plans for building one in Cleveland, but last I heard they were still looking for investors. That would be really cool.

2010-08-01 23:46:07

Dumb question, I guess...can anybody just go ride around on the Oval on the weekend days? I mean if there is not an organized event going on.

I took the kids to visit the Performance store today, and as we went up Washington Blvd, they were totally geeked up about me taking them so we could all ride around the Oval. Would anybody care?

2010-08-02 00:12:07

Dumb question, I guess...can anybody just go ride around on the Oval on the weekend days? I mean if there is not an organized event going on.

not a dumb question at all - in fact, so not dumb, that someone else asked it in this very thread! [winky smiley]

(it is open to all who come, unless it is otherwise reserved.)

2010-08-02 02:24:19

Congrats to John Wheffner, by the way: The new 25-mile Oval TT record-holder!

2010-08-02 04:39:09

RE: local 'dromes...don't forget about the "plans" for one in Brownsville.

2010-08-02 12:07:08
Hi, I'm using this old thread because I think it is relevant. I was at the Oval today (Saturday) around 4:00 PM. There was some kind of party going on with a bunch of kids around. When would be a better time to show up and possibly have some more cycling enthusiasts around? I do no feel comfortable with a lot of little kids around, but teenagers are ok. Also, Getting there is fine from Aspinwall, but returning home is quite difficult on the uphill part of Washington Blvd. after the the left turn with a lot of impatient motorists as well as the weave area and pinch point under the bridge. To go there, all I need to do is cross the bridge on the sidewalk. Once I reach the eastern crosswalk at One Wild Pl., Push the crossing button and wait for the walking man. Once the walking man is shown, take a left into the left hand lane. The red light lasts long enough to get to the underpass. Once through the underpass, be predictable and signal the right merge into the right hand lane. Since it is all downhill from there, I can get moving pretty fast as I enter the right hand lane and take the right to stay on Washington Blvd. Since my bike doesn't handle rough terrain to well, I will stay on Washington Blvd. and pull over into the "Closed" gate to access the track. Here are some links to video: Weekday at approx. 2:30 PM
2017-07-29 18:44:16
Here's the website for the organization that uses the track to race.  Other than that it is first come, first served.

2017-07-29 19:35:17
@ed, I don't think you understood my question so I will restate it here. What day and time are there most likely to have a few cycling enthusiasts with no children at the track?
2017-07-29 19:59:11
I'm not sure that anyone can come up with a better answer for that than you can come up with yourself by making an educated guess.
2017-07-29 20:30:15
Since I am helping with ACA races  I can answer some questions. -- web site 2017 ACA Summer Criterium Series Tuesday Beginner/Masters 40+/Women Racers 2017 ACA Summer Criterium Series Wednesday Intermediate/Advanced Racers   During race days the Oval is closed 17:00-21:00 (you should see special signs at entry points). Public can access internal loop for activites but they should wait until officials let them cross external loop (so it is safe for both parties -- racers and public). If there is any biking activity on internal loop then helmet are must should be on -- this US Cycling Foundation rule (races are official event registered at USCF). There other events at the Oval on weekly basis (during summer) -- Thurdays Night Races at the Oval -- yes, I know that group is called Fridays-Night but Facebook does not let to rename the group. -- this going to be tomorrow. This race is going to be a tribute to Oscar Swan who ran series for 15 years. Chris Mayhew could add more.   Tour da Burgh is coming on Aug 17, 19-20 at the Oval. -- as you can see this an official event registered with USCF.  
2017-08-03 00:19:02