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We had a bicycle theft at Bicycle Heaven a couple weeks ago, very early morning on June 26th. Someone named Josh from the southside got caught stealing some bikes out of our parking lot, we did catch him and we did find one bike that he had in his possession. Today we found another one right down by the casino where there are some homeless camps along the river on the North Shore Trail. Today I found another one of our stolen bikes at one of the camps along the North Shore bike trail right by the casino. Here is a video of when I found it right before the police came down. We did recover the one bike the guy I was talking to in the video I don’t think is one of the thieves but he did try to sell my stolen bike to me. The police officer asked him, "if that’s not your bike why are you selling it" he paused didn’t know what to say but then said it was Josh who owned it and he was just selling it for him. I have found out that Josh has been in a lot of trouble. He is the one who stole our bikes and I found out a year and a half ago or so he stabbed somebody right near the casino back at one of them camps. Josh is still able to be among great good people who want to use the trail. If anyone knows any news people who would like to do a story on this please contact me. I am not trying to bash people who need help, I am all for helping people but this is about a dangerous person, This hurts businesses and people who want to use the bike trail, they don't need to be in danger along the trail. ,Craig
2021-07-06 18:38:07
Thanks for posting.  Glad to live in the real world and know there is a lot of crime due to drug use.  Keep us posted as people need to lock their bikes well and keep an eye on everything.    
2021-07-15 01:11:08
A tweaker tried to chase me on that section two days ago (he was on foot, I was riding solo on my bike). Fortunately I managed to pedal faster. It’s not safe now. I wish I’d known.
2021-08-30 22:46:51
What is a “tweaker”?
2021-08-31 08:31:39
Typically a "tweaker" is an abuser of methamphetamine.   They often have a certain look about them.
2021-08-31 21:30:55
Yes, likely meth. He was agitated and ripping at his clothes, stumbling around, when I came up behind him on the trail. I used to live in a rural area in another state that had lots of tweakers roaming around, and he acted and looked just like them. There was a campfire at that encampment behind the fence laced with tarps, a bunch of similar looking people there, and at least one fancy bike. It’s not safe right there. I’ve seen a lot of this.
2021-09-01 08:09:28
I’m a woman and was traveling alone. It could have gone very poorly.
2021-09-01 08:11:27