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Waterfront warning

Yesterday I was driving in the waterfront heading to the exit that leads you to the Rankin bridge (past Lowes, pump house, etc). There were some road work near the Rankin bridge which was backing up the traffic very far to the pump house. I noticed a few cars turning around, which I understood, but they were cutting into the bike lanes to turn their cars around. I'm not saying this because I'm angry the drivers for turning around, I just wanted to warn you all that this may happen at the waterfront so please keep your eyes out if traffic is backed up at this place.
2016-06-30 12:24:38
On weekends without construction traffic is backed all the way up to there too. Speaking of the waterfront, are they still ticketing trail riders on the sidewalk who don't stop at those stop signs by Costco?
2016-06-30 14:43:01
I always stop at the Costco signs so I wouldn't know.
2016-06-30 16:03:24
What doesn't make too much sense is that if you ride 3 feet over in the street then stop signs don't apply. Road is wide enough over there it would have been better to have bollards and a bike lane on the street like they do by the pump house. Would narrow that part of the street and slow down traffic too. People go very fast on that stretch
2016-06-30 16:18:43
I almost always ride in the street by Costco...fewer transition zones and greater visibility (plus, I must admit, greater convenience for me...)
2016-07-01 06:56:57
I always ride (well, rode - I've been a little out of commission) on the street there as well. Street: Right of way. Ride through. Trail: Since there is a stop sign, yield right of way to cross traffic and very dangerous turning traffic (into the driveways) that you must turn your head and look backwards to notice. I'm not sure if the turning traffic technically has the right of way or not - common sense seems to dictate caution.
2016-07-01 08:53:03
I still keep going straight out of Sandcastle, then cut across the street by the big smoke stacks, then take parking lot over to Macys, cross that crappy intersection, then take back road by GE and Lowes and then reconnect to trail over there
2016-07-01 09:58:04
At waterfront today riding. No traffic backups and nothing noticible by rankin bridge so hopefully is one time thing. though traffic coming from Kennywood has a rent a traffic light at the rankin bridge so may be an on and off again issue. However, 3 cheers for the redone parking lot at the pump house!
2016-07-01 13:15:24
That light has been a "rent a traffic light" as you say for quite some time now I always use the walk signal to cross to the rankin bridge becUse I can't keep up with traffic going up the hill.
2016-07-02 13:47:55