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Wed Oct 15, 2014: Cyclist hit by Car in Penn Ave Bike Lane?

Does anybody know about this? Facebook Twitter inquiry, no details.
2014-10-15 22:08:23
I know nothing. But I wonder if it happened at either end. If it happened.
2014-10-16 07:07:52
My guess is that if it happened, it was a left turn, or somebody pulling out of an alleyway (tito way?).... Rode it with my brother and his 2 year old on a kids seat and that opens your eyes to how "unprotected" it is....
2014-10-16 11:54:22
I was following a car down the separated bikeway (he was inside the lane) last time I rode in it, several food service workers were loading on the sidewalk and pushed their cart in the way of the car and waved them to turn down an alley to get out of the lane, they seemed insistent on going forwards, but eventually gave in. Seems like this might take some time and maybe some signage changes to get used to.
2014-10-16 14:39:13
How about people jogging in the bikeway (two abreast, taking both lanes)?
2014-10-16 15:31:52
Perhaps the joggers will get out of the bike lane when they see the oncoming car. All parties will then start shouting "Share the road!" at one another.
2014-10-16 23:44:29