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Where does Cal U FIND these creeps?

A recent news report indicated that something like 22 Cal U football players have been arrested since 2012. It turns out that one of the players currently charged with assault in the most recent beating incident is also facing charges in D.C. for hitting a cyclist and leaving the scene. The cyclist suffered severe injuries, and if I read the PG article right, remains in a come many months later. Ughh, I don't say this often, but can we just eliminate Cal U football? I realize that there are reasonable, well intentioned, law abiding students that would be adversely affected, but there is something seriously wrong with the culture of football at Cal U.
2014-11-05 13:00:11
Apparently you can't hold out for Creme de Crop when you're located in California, PA. Either that or they thought it was the state.
2014-11-05 13:47:59
When ninety-nine-point-something percent of the public (including the news personalities, not just the sports reporters) fawn all over the ability of a rapist’s (twice accused!) ability to throw a football in the NFL… why would high school or college players feel any different about getting away with committing serious crimes? The news media treat Big Ben with kid gloves over this issue; as though it never even happened. I would love to have a reporter ask him if, now that he has a daughter of his own, if he thinks his behavior was ok in his encounters with those women (one really just a girl). I have not watched a game since (and I own a closet full of Steelers gear).
2014-11-05 14:08:36