2011: The Year in Numbers

From the left: Jane Kaminski, Lou Fineberg, Scott Bricker, Seth Gernot, Becca Susman, Eric Boerer.  Click for Team BikePGH‘s bios and descriptions

2011’s year of accomplishments by the numbers

It’s been a banner year for cyclists and BikePGH.  We hired more staff, worked with the City to install more bike lanes and racks, worked in partnership with the Port Authority to complete the fleet with bus-mounted bike racks, launched the online Car Free Calculator, grew our membership by 30 percent, and inked a deal to take on the iconic community bike ride, Pedal Pittsburgh. Over the year we’ve continued to be a voice for safe biking and walking at countless hours of meetings with City, State, and County officials, community stakeholders, employers, elected leaders, and our constituents. As an advocacy community, we did whatever we could to make sure that bikes were on the minds of Pittsburgh’s decision makers. Below is a look back to 2011 on some things that we can proudly count.


 The number of hours you can’t bring your bike on The T or the Incline


The number of awards we won this year including “Advocacy Organization of the Year” from the Alliance for Biking and Walking, and one Mayor’s Citizen Service Award to our staffer Eric Boerer, which resulted in August 26, 2011 being named “Mr. Eric Boerer Day.


The number of full-time staff we now have working on our mission


The number of years it took to “Complete the Fleet”of bike racks on buses


The miles of new bike lanes and sharrows (about 5.5 miles of streets) were added to the Northside and between Bloomfield, Shadyside, and N. Oakland. Check out the play-by-play animation here. 11 was also the number of local candidates who filled out our Bike the Vote questionnaire during the 2011 Primary Elections


Pittsburgh’s rank in terms of percentage of bike commuters out of the largest 60 cities in the country


The number of Bike Friendly Employers created in the program’s first year, 8 of which earned national recognition by the League of American Bicyclists


The number of times BikePGH was mentioned in the media


How many events were featured in our 7th annual BikeFest, making it our largest celebration of bikes yet


This is the number of bike lights that we affixed to unlit bikes during our two nights of blinky light give-aways


New bike racks installed in business districts and City parks


The percentage increase in bike commuting in Pittsburgh since 2000


People gave during the Pittsburgh Foundation’s day of giving. This was the 7th largest number of donations out of all of the Pittsburgh non-profits.


The number of buses in the Port Authority’s fleet. Also the number of buses with bike racks.


Hand-written letters were collected and delivered to Mayor Ravenstahl in support of more bike lanes


Wheels will roll during Pedal Pittsburgh, the major event that we will now be hosting in 2012


Copies of the 4th edition of our award-winning Pittsburgh Bike Map were printed


Miles logged since December 2010, when we launched the Car Free Calculator (CFC).

6,159,590, $55,605 & 132,563

The calories burned,  dollars saved, and lbs CO2e (Greenhouse gasses) reduced by 450 CFC participants.


People became members for the first time in 2011 to support the creation of a more bicycle-friendly Pittsburgh. If you’re not yet a member, please donate and add a +1 to the nearly 2000 households who believe in transforming Pittsburgh into one of the greatest places to ride a bike in the U.S.

Join today and help us reach 2012 members by 2012 and unlock a $2012 matching giftWe need 250 more members by the end of the year! Bike Pittsburgh works to protect bicyclists’ rights and promote the vision of making Pittsburgh world-class bicycling city. For more info, visit: www.bike-pgh.org/membership

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