About Us

Our Mission

BikePGH is transforming our streets to make biking and walking commonplace for all Pittsburghers in order to improve our quality of life and reduce the harmful effects of car dependence in our communities.

Our Vision

We envision a Pittsburgh where people can thrive without needing to own a car – making Pittsburgh a world class leader in clean, affordable, and convenient transportation.

Our Theory of Change

We believe that people need realistic options in order to change their transportation habits away from single occupancy car trips and toward biking, walking, and transit. We focus on three key areas to achieve this shift: Advocacy, Community, and Education. Together, we will make biking and walking commonplace for all Pittsburghers.

Our Values

We strive to make Pittsburgh a more livable place. What do we mean by “livable”? It means we value:

Equity and Inclusivity:  People of all abilities, incomes, ages, genders, and ethnicities should have a voice in car-free transportation options.
Safe Access:  Pittsburghers are able to easily and safely access all the things they need in life without relying on a car.
Clean Air:  Improving air quality and mitigating climate change should be prioritized for all Pittsburghers through less fossil fuel usage.
Civic Engagement:  Collaborating with partners, sharing best practices and building grassroots movements help us achieve our mission.

Major Programmatic Focuses

Advocacy:  We advocate for safe, car-free transportation options via infrastructure and public policy.
Community:  We bring people together from all parts of the city to experience riding and walking, engage with new ideas, and show support for car-free transportation.
Education:  We educate in order to give people the tools they need to safely experience the city by foot and by bike.

Nonprofit Info

Bike Pittsburgh is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit. We work on behalf of the Pittsburgh community to make the city safe, accessible, and friendly to bicycle transportation. If you have any questions about our nonprofit status, insurance, or finances feel free to get in touch or stop by our office in Lawrenceville. If you would like to check out our bylaws, be our guest. Our 990 is on file at the office or on Guidestar.

Strategic Plan

Annual Reports