Building community is enormously important to the work we do. We can’t make progress without people like you taking part and speaking up. A big part of community is also having fun together.


Membership in BikePGH is an investment in livable streets for all.

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Whether you enjoy being outdoors or in the office, there are plenty of ways to plug in at BikePGH. Join our community and help make Pittsburgh’s streets safer!

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Fun Events

Ranging from small get togethers to 20,000 person events, BikePGH puts on some of the most memorable events in Pittsburgh.

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Business Program

Employees value the ability to choose how to get around town and to and from the office. We want your business to stand out as a leader in the movement to transform Pittsburgh’s streets and communities.

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Message Board

Have a question about what kind of bike to purchase? Want to blow off some steam after a particularly harrowing ride? Visit our friendly and helpful community message board, create an account, and have at it.

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Bike Theft Prevention

Take part in our I <3 My Bike Program (linked to Bike Index, a national database).

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