Bike Rack Services

Purchasing and Installing Bike Racks

BikePGH’s staff has years of experience parking and locking bikes on racks in cities around the globe. We’ve seen it all–the good, the bad, the–and we’ll help you ensure that your facility is a shining example of secure bike parking ingenuity at its best. Call us for a consultation, (412) 325-4334 or email us at racks@bikepgh.orgDero Dealer Badge

We work with the Minneapolis-based bike rack manufacturer, Dero. Dero builds commercial-quality bike parking solutions for municipalities, universities, and businesses throughout the country (the City of Pittsburgh purchases all their racks through them).  As an added bonus, your purchase of a Dero bike rack helps support BikePGH’s advocacy and programing efforts. We appreciate your support, and we look forward to bringing more quality bike parking to the Pittsburgh area.

There are different routes to installing bike racks on public vs. private land. Find out all you need to know about buying and installing bike racks:

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Pittsburgh’s Bike Parking Ordinance

Ground Floor Plan ViewThanks in part to BikePGH’s advocacy, the City of Pittsburgh amended its Zoning Code in 2010 to incentivize the development of more quality bike parking in a more dense urban area.

This amendment to the Zoning Code was a big step for the city, and actually allows developers to create new developments with relatively low mandatory minimum car parking to increase promotion of biking, walking and transit use.  An Urbanist win no doubt!

Click here to read the City's bike parking overview

Valet Bicycle Parking & Event Parking

Yep, its a thing. BikePGH offers a Valet Bicycle Parking service for events–large, medium, small. In the program’s several-year history we’ve parked thousands of bikes at dozens of different events. Make yours the next!

We also offer portable, secure bike racks if you need to temporarily increase your bike parking capacity.

Contact or 412-325-4334 for service pricing.

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