Lock it Right + Bike Registration

Protect your bike from theft

Step 1: Register your bike

Step 2: Lock it right

1: Bike Registration That Works

As the most widely-used bike registration platform, Bike Index helps identify and recover stolen bikes. Register your bike today to have a record of your ownership in a secure location.

Register here for free!

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If you’ve registered with Bike Index and your bicycle is stolen, BikePGH and Bike Index will help get the word out. Alert us at info@bikepgh.org and tag @stolenbikespgh and @bikepgh on Twitter.

Bike Pittsburgh’s I <3 My Bike program is mobile! Ask us about attending your event with our backdrop to do on-site photos and registration by calling 412-325-4334 or emailing info@bikepgh.org.

2: Lock it Right

Things to remember:

  • Your frame is the most valuable part of your bike. Secure your frame.
  • Use a U-Lock as your primary lock. Cables can be used as secondary security for wheels and other removable parts.
  • Lock to permanent fixtures such as a bike rack. Signs may be loose. Railings may be broken. Trees may be cut (not to mention repeated locking to trees harms them).  Do yourself a favor and double check that what you’re locking to is locked to the ground.
  • Don’t leave your bike in one place for long amounts of time, unless this place is inside your house or office within sight. Unscrupulous eyes may be coveting a bike that’s locked in the same place day after day.
  • Take a picture of the bike & record its serial number. Join BikePGH’s free I <3 My Bike Program to record your bike in the Pittsburgh database of bikes. (see registration above)
Watch our How-to-Lock Video
Where to Lock

Bike Pittsburgh has been working closely with the City of Pittsburgh to install bike racks throughout the city. We’re well on our way to providing sufficient, secure bike parking options to all Pittsburgh neighborhoods, however, there’s still a long way to go! If you would like to see bike racks added to your neighborhood, contact racks@bikepgh.org, and we’ll help you advocate for change.

Downtown: Pittsburgh Parking Authority garages have covered bike parking. See map.

On street: Find a proper bike rack

Place of employment: ask your employer if your building has an indoor or covered bike parking facility. If not, ask them if you are welcome to bring your bicycle inside the office.

Oh No! My bike was stolen

  1. If you registered your bike with BikePGH through the Bike Index and need help getting your serial number, contact us at info@bikepgh.org or 412-325-4334. If you registered with us we can help get the word out.
  2. Contact the police to let them know about the theft. Provide them with details about your bicycle, including make, model, serial number, and identifying features
  3. Notify pawn shops, bike shops that sell used bikes, and search Craigslist for your bike.
  4. You can also get help from the bicycling community by posting to Bicycling412 Reddit and posting to our Facebook page. Notify us and the police of the theft.