Why Membership Matters

Together, we can make Pittsburgh better for biking and walking!

Bike Pittsburgh is your local nonprofit bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organization. We work on behalf of the Pittsburgh community to:

  • Advocate for safe, car-free transportation options via safer biking and walking infrastructure and public policy.
  • Bring people together from all parts of the city to experience riding and walking, engage with new ideas, and show support for car-free transportation.
  • Create free educational resources, teach classes, and leads workshops to equip you with practical information so you can get around safely and confidently.
  • Produce free community events like OpenStreetsPGH – Remember, the best way to support this event series is to become a member!

BikePGH has 3,400 members who are supporting key community programs, educational resources, and advocacy initiatives that help your fellow bicyclists and pedestrians get where they need to go.

Members Get These Discounts:

  • Get access to members-only merchandise + 10% off BikePGH merch at our online shop.
  • Save $$ and get early access to event registrations, including PedalPGH.
  • Discounts at local bike shops and bike-friendly businesses.

Be sure to carry your card with you when you visit these businesses to redeem your perks!




“When I signed up for BikePGH’s after school class, I didn’t expect to learn so much – from basic bike maintenance and repairs to mapping safe routes around the city. I learned new things that I didn’t know before, became friends with students I’d never met before, and as the program went on, I felt like I joined a family of bicyclists.”
— Jason Thomas
“I’ve been a part of the bicycle community in Pittsburgh for upwards of 10 years. Back when I started riding in the city, it was much a different experience. Through infrastructure, community engagement, and persistence; BikePGH has transformed this city into a great place to ride and own a bicycle… It’s paved the way for me to open my own shop, Unison Bike Lab.” — Bryan Heller
“We see over and over again how much access to safe biking lanes, multimodal transportation, and increased awareness around biking is valued by Pittsburghers and makes their lives better. I’m grateful that we have an organization like BikePGH to continue to remind us about these benefits with both meaningful data and inspirational stories from real people!”
— Ellie King

Making Changes to Your Existing Membership:

To securely access and update your contact information and monthly membership amount, please visit our self-service membership portal here.

Contact Us:

Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have at (412) 325-4334 or membership@bikepgh.org.