3 Reasons PGHers Need to Join the National Bike Challenge

We know it. We love it. The National Bike Challenge is back summer ’15!


Yinz ready? The National Bike Challenge is back for the 3rd year. The free challenge still runs from May 1st to September 30th.  You’ll notice a revamp of the nationalbikechallenge.org website. People for Bikes is now coordinating the national challenge, which brings with it some improvements (i.e. STRAVA!). BikePGH is still running the local challenge. Riders can still log their miles and earn points – 20 points per day you ride and 1 point per every mile. Challenge yourself. Challenge your friends. Earn drinks at Over the Bar Bike Cafe in the South Side. Most importantly: Beat Cleveland.

Rust Belt Battle of the Bikes

rust cup brick wallCleveland calls us out again. Each year CLE and PGH go head to head in the National Bike Challenge to determine the Rust Belt Battle of the Bikes Champion, and each year the winner gets to bring home the beautiful Rust Cup to their turf. In 2013 PGH won the trophy. In 2014 CLE emerged victorious. In 2015, Pittsburgh needs to rally and bring the Rust Cup home to the Steel City. The winner of the Rust Cup and the Rust Belt Battle of the Bikes Champion will be determined by the most points per 1,000 riders in BikePGH’s v BikeCLE’s Local Challenges. Any rider registered in the 10 county region is contributing towards Pittsburgh’s total points. So spread the word, and get your friends to log their miles. We’re bring the trophy home. (you will notice at at the time of my writing this, CLE is beating PGH! Pittsburgh better start logging our miles!)

Pedal For Pints n’ Pop

Veteran riders will remember Over the Bar Bicycle Cafe’s Pedal for Pints n’ Pop Screen-Shot-2014-04-23-at-7.56.18-PM-300x225program that gives National Bike Challenge Participants one free beer for every medal they earn in the challenge. It was awesome.

Well, the good news is, OTB is still doing the Pedal for Pints n’ Pop. The better news is that this year the program will be available for the month of JUNE. Meaning sign up and log your miles during National Bike Month in May, because you’re going to be thirsty when June comes around.

When you patronize OTB in JUNE you can show your phone to prove that you’ve earned your medal and you’ll get your choice of a Pedal Pale Ale, Dale’s Pale Ale, or soda.

If we can get 2,000 Pittsburghers to sign up for the National Bike Challenge by the end of June, Over the Bar Bicycle Cafe has agreed to extend the promotion for the entire challenge! So recruit your friends!

Workplace Showdowns

The National Bike Challenge allows riders to compete in a PLETHORA of ways. Ride as an individual; join with a team; check your standings both locally and nationally.  However, the avenue of competition that BikePGH is especially excited about the WORKPLACE category.

In fact, BikePGH is so excited about this workplace category that we think that we’ve got what it takes to beat EVERY SINGLE WORKPLACE IN PITTSBURGH. Thats right. BikePGH is taking on all y’all for the Workplace win.

Will your workplace take on our challenge?

Beat Cleveland. Earn Pints. Challenge BikePGH. Sign up for the National Bike Challenge

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