July 30: Show Your Support for Oakland Bike Projects at the City’s Public Meeting


We need you to show up and show support for the expansion of bike infrastructure into Oakland

The City of Pittsburgh is looking to expand the bike network into Oakland. The student-dense, neighborhood has a serious lack of bike infrastructure, considering how many new-to-Pittsburgh residents live and ride here. Residents and workers are looking for safe alternatives to ease the neighborhood’s notorious congestion by adding bike lanes. Additionally, sidewalk riding is of particular concern, and bike lanes have been shown to reduce this by providing safer on-street space. Oakland also serves as a hub for the new bike share system, elevating the importance of this project.

The City is looking to expand the bike lane network into the neighborhood, but are seeing some resistance to their proposed removal of a few parking spaces along Bayard St, a popular cycling route connecting to the nearby Shadyside and Bloomfield neighborhoods.

Decisions about the project will be made based off of public feedback, so it’s critically important that you show up and weigh in.

Oakland Bike Infrastructure Public Meeting

Thursday July 30, 2015 6:30pm

Oakland Career Center, 294 Semple St, Pittsburgh, PA

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