Three Bike Infrastructure Projects Coming Soon


Any Minute Now…

Three exciting bike infrastructure projects are in the works and should be installed any day now. All three of these projects will be installed in Pittsburgh’s east end neighborhoods, and the Northside will be getting some additional infrastructure soon as well.

If you want to be a part of the growing group of residents and riders advocating for better biking and walking infrastructure in the city’s western and southern neighborhoods, please email

Penn Avenue Protected Lane Extension
As promised, the Penn Avenue protected bike lane will be inching its way closer to Point State Park. Soon the lane – currently running from 16th Street to 6th Street – will be extended two blocks to Stanwix Street. This will be a continuation of the existing two-way protected cycletrack in the exact same style. The lane was first installed right around this time last year.

40th Street Climbing Lane
A buffered bike lane will be installed on the uphill side (next to Arsenal Park) of 40th Street between Butler Street and Penn Avenue in Lawrenceville. On the downhill side sharrows will be added.

Thanks to all of you who came to talk about this project during the public meeting in Lawrenceville!

Oakland Bike Lanes
The proposed plan for adding bike lanes in Oakland has received a great deal of news coverage in the past few months and has received a robust public process. It is expected that these lanes will be installed sometime this month (September 2015).

The project includes the addition of many sharrows (shared lane markings) and a protected bike lane with bollards along Bayard Street.

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  • daniklein says:

    Really great stuff – the Lawrenceville and Downtown improvements especially.
    Regarding Oakland, However, I think the City’s strategy has been a bit backwards. These side streets are generally pretty safe already, and they are not so convenient as commuter routes. The paint would be better used along Fifth Avenue, even as a mix of dedicated bike lanes and sharrows for the time being. Right now Fifth and Forbes have NOTHING. Motorists are basically encouraged to speed, run through red lights and weave around people on bikes. There is so much that could be done right now in the way of common sense, interim improvements, which would be low-cost and non controversial. Let’s make that a priority please!

    The reason that 40th Street works so well as a concept is that there are main roads to which that infrastructure will connect – Liberty Ave, Penn, and Butler. All of the important streets were prioritized in Lawrenceville and improved BEFORE focusing on side streets. Oakland needs to be reimagined in the same way, and without delay!

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