Choose your own adventure and tack on some extra miles at PedalPGH

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Is 25 too short but 62 too far? 

Mix and match to get the distance that is just right for you.

PedalPGH has three official ride choices. However, many cyclists want to do more than 25 miles, but aren’t prepared for the full 62 of the metric century.  We’ve designed an optional route that gets you to 40-miles, while still having access to rest stops.

40 mile route

This option adds the Riverview Park loop of the 62-mile ride to the 25-mile ride to create a 40-mile ride.

All you need to do is simply follow the directions of the 25-mile ride from the start. When you arrive at 13th St in the Strip District, start following the signs and markings for the 62-mile ride, which will take you  across the 16th St Bridge into the Northside:

Pre River

This optional 16-mile loop will take you to Riverview Park and bring you directly back to the Strip District via the 16th St Bridge, where you will then continue to follow the Highmark City Tour route to complete the ride.

Post River

We will post extra signs saying “Riverview Park loop”  and “Back to the City Tour.”

If you plan to do the 40-mile option, please plan your departure time accordingly to make sure to return to the Finish Line Festival that runs from 11am-3pm. For most riders we recommend leaving at 8am.

You can view a map of the 40-mile option and download the cue sheets here.

Please note: this optional loop will take you to Riverview Park, where there is a rest stop approximately 19 miles from the start of the ride. This rest stop closes at 10am.

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