Video: How to Carry Things by Bike

How to Carry More Stuff on a Bike

Beginner’s guide to carrying things by bike

How can I carry things by bike?

  • In your pocket – although be mindful of the potential for items falling out as you pedal.
  • Backpack – a historically useful tool for transporting.
  • Basket – put any bag in one and you’re good to go. Great for getting the weight off of your body and on to your bike. It actually makes riding easier.
  • Saddle bag – great for smaller items such as tools you’ll need in case of an emergency.
  • Rear rack – can clip on various bags, items, crates, and more.
  • Front rack – many people prefer this to a rear rack for better bike handling.
  • Bottle cage – carrying one pound on your bike beats carrying it on your body.
  • Pannier, front or rear – clips on to rack with lots of space to load in items. Be careful to distribute weight evenly on either side of your bike for better handling.
  • Handlebar bag – wonderful for easy access to items while out on a ride such as your phone, camera, or a map.
  • Bike trailer – for kid carrying, dog carrying, home supplies, groceries…you name it.
  • Milk crate – zip tie it to your rear rack and toss items in.
  • Get creative!

What are important thing to carry?

  • Spare tube or patch kit
  • Tire levers
  • Mini pump or CO2 Cartridge
  • Multi-tool
  • U-Lock
  • Spare light or batteries

What are other helpful items for transporting?

*These items are especially helpful in the case of unexpectedly large loads, or making sure things don’t fall out of or off of your bike.

  • Zip ties
  • Straps
  • Clips
  • Bungee cords
  • Bike cargo net


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