PGH City Paper Releases Student Travel Guide


Get Multimodal

Pittsburgh City Paper’s Ryan Deto offers “recommendations on walking, biking, driving, and using public transit and ride-hailing apps” in the Student Travel Guide released today. You can pick up a copy at a local City Paper kiosk, or read it in full online.

As a new student to Pittsburgh, traveling through a new place with its varying geography could be especially daunting. Once you can tap in to the infrastructure and learn how to get around town, it can open up a load of possibilities, opportunities and new experiences which just may have you loving Pittsburgh in a way you never knew you would.

Read an excerpt below:


“Local bike-advocacy organization Bike Pittsburgh recently updated its Biking 101 guide with expert tips; you can pick up a guide for free from your local public library or at the Bike Pittsburgh offices, in Lawrenceville.


Bike Pittsburgh also has a list of how-to videos available at Its website also has a map of the city that provides all the best and safest cycling routes; paper copies of the map are widely available at bike stores.”

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