Video: Pennsylvania Bicycle Laws

Need to brush up on PA Bicycling laws?

Time to cover some of the basics! Knowing the law and your cycling rights on the road is important to ensure the safety of you and others. Remember that the responsible cyclist not only follows these laws, but uses the same behaviors as a responsible motorist. Watch our 60-second video above for guidelines to stay safe on the road.

4 important rules to remember

1. Ride in the right lane

When riding on any roadway, you should ride with traffic, in the rightmost lane.

You may move from the right lane in certain circumstances such as when overtaking another vehicle, preparing to make a left turn, or if there is an obstruction in the right lane.

2. Ride in pairs

If you are riding with others, make sure not to ride more than two people side-by-side.

Remember also, that cyclists must adhere to traffic signals, and standard vehicle laws.

3. Give cyclists 4 feet

For vehicles, it is their responsibility to stay at least 4 feet away when overtaking a bicycle and should move at an even, prudent speed when passing.

4. When to ride on the sidewalk

For cyclists riding on the sidewalk, remember that pedestrians have the right of way and that cyclists must give an audible signal when approaching and passing a pedestrian. In business districts, riding on the sidewalk is prohibited. Learn more about this rule with our new video!

PS. All cyclist under the age of 12 must wear a helmet when riding

…but we recommend wearing a helmet at every age. A helmet needs to fit properly in order to provide the highest level of head protection. Click here to watch our video on how to get the proper helmet fit. 

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