4 Black History Month Events you should bike to in February

February is Black History Month

We put together a list of four black history events and celebrations happening in Pittsburgh this February. There are opportunities for discussion, film screenings, and more. We hope you’ll take some time to pedal down to these events and learn about and celebrate black history.

Watch our 60 second video to learn plan your bike route to these events. The BikePGH Bike Map shows you everything you need to know to find your way around Pittsburgh on bike. Biking 101 Guide is another great resource for tips, suggestions, and laws to stay safe while biking.

4 events you should bike to in February:

1. The lost tapes: Malcom X

Documentary & panel discussion on February 7th

An exclusive screening of the new documentary, “The Lost Tapes: Malcolm X.” The documentary shows the rise and fall of Malcolm X, it tells the story via newscasts, speeches, and very rare archival footage.

Before the screening, you have the opportunity to self-tour the History Center’s award-winning From Slavery to Freedom exhibition as well as a reception will be held in the Great Hall.

Door open at 6 pm and the screening starts at 6:45 pm and will be followed by a panel discussion. Tickets are free and an RSVP can be done here

More information: heinzhistorycenter.org

2. Tangerine

Film – 2/9 to 2/15

Through February you can join Pittsburgh Filmmakers Cinema for a series of documentaries and docu-fictions honoring black female pioneers past & present.

One of these is the film Tangerine (2015), a comedy-drama directed by Sean Baker and filmed only with three iPhone 5s smartphones. In the story, a transgender sex worker finds out that her boyfriend and pimp has been cheating on her with a cisgender woman. The film shows the true reality of life in LA for the woman that needs to be out on the street.

The film, director and, actors got nominated for and won several awards.

The film is shown in Harris Theater at 6 pm from February 9th to February 15th.
More information cinema.pfpca.org

3. Pittsburgh, Let’s Talk About Race

Panel discussion on February 15th

The presence of a waiting list shows the popularity and need for this event. To accommodate more people PublicSource is looking for a larger venue (maybe you can help?).

The event will be a guided discussion with a panel consisting of Pittsburghers who have been leading the conversation about race.

For more information and free tickets: PublicSource.org

4. Once upon a time in Pittsburgh – 2/21

Lecture & Book signing on February 21st

As the son of academics Mark Withaker grew up in Philadelphia. While his grandparents ran funeral homes for Pittsburgh’s black community. In an earlier book, Withaker went back to his childhood, for the book Smoketown he went back to the Pittsburgh of his grandparents. Especially the part between the 1920’s and the 1950’s. A time in which Pittsburgh was one of the nation’s hotspots of black aspiration in culture, music, business, and sports.

Southern migrants where drawn to the steel-making city and enjoyed the schools and commerce spirit it offered at the time. The community they build was destroyed by the industrial decline and solidified by urban renewal. Pittsburgh’s vibe was lost to other cities.

In SmokeTown Whitaker shows a time where black history was not all bleak. Join Mark Withaker Wednesday 21st of February while he talks about his book and signs your copy with his autograph.

More information and tickets ($10) at pittsburghlectures.org

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