Video: How to do the Dutch Reach

How to do the Dutch Reach

An often over-looked dangerous obstacle for cyclists is the possibility of getting ‘doored’. When drivers and passengers exit the car without looking first, they can wipe out a cyclist passing by.

This driver and passenger oversight can injure a cyclist severely. So, how do you combat this challenge In the Netherlands, the Dutch Reach is taught and tested for during the Driver’s Exam.

Are you ready to try it out?  Watch our 60-second video above for an overview and follow the 3 steps below, next time you are exiting a vehicle.

Next time you open the car door, follow these 3 steps:

1.Use the furthest hand from the door to reach across

Drivers & passengers each use far the furthest hand from the door to reach across your body for the door handle. That’s the right hand for drivers.


2. Look back

The Dutch Reach helps your body automatically swivel and easily look out to preview your surroundings.

3. Check for cyclists before opening the door

Look out at the mirror and look back for cyclists, pedestrians, and traffic. Then open your door slowly, remaining vigilant.

The Dutch Reach is easy, it just takes some time to focus on change your behavior. On your next trip by vehicle, take a moment and make an effort to try it out and look out for cyclists.


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