Video: What NOT to do on a Group Ride

What NOT to do on a Group Ride

Group rides are a staple to the cycling community and help introduce many people to their first taste of riding on the street. They offer a fun way to socialize while exercising and exploring your surrounding area. Following good cycling etiquette is especially important when traveling with others. Here are 9 tips for what NOT to do on a group ride.

Are you ready to try it out?  Watch our 60-second video above for an overview and and check out the 9 tips below for next time you are on a group ride.

Top 9 TIPS:

1. Don’t blow through stop signs and traffic lights

Traffic laws are designed to regulate traffic on the road, keeping those using the road safe. When approaching a stop sign or traffic light, slow down and come to a COMPLETE stop on red.


2. Do not forget to yield to pedestrians

Everyone starts and ends their journey as a pedestrian, and pedestrians get the right of way. When pedestrians are crossing the road, cyclists should never speed up or swerve to get around them.  You can indicate to the pedestrian that they may pass safely. Be sure to slow down and come to a complete stop until the pedestrian makes it all the way across the road.


3. Do not ride over the yellow line

The yellow lines in the middle of the road separates oncoming traffic, so crossing this line is strictly prohibited for your own safety and others using the road. For both single and double yellow lines, the rule stays the same.


4. Don’t ride more than 2-abreast

When traveling on the road or trail, you are permitted to ride single-file or in pairs. Riding more than 2-abreast violates traffic laws.


5. Do not make sudden movements

Making sudden movements such as stopping abruptly or passing unpredictably may confuse car traffic and other riders. It’s a good measure to communicate as much as possible with others on the road. This includes utilizing hand signals and verbal communication. Also, it’s always a good idea to keep your head up, and make eye contact with others when possible.


6. Do not overlap wheels in the group

Allow ample space between bikes to avoid an unnecessary collision. Proper cycling etiquette states that cyclists should travel one wheel’s distance apart.


7. Do not wear both earbuds at once

If you bring headphones to listen to, keep one earbud out of your ear, so you can still hear what is going on around you. You want to stay aware in case someone from the group needs to get your attention. There may be a vehicle approaching or an oncoming obstacle that the group needs to know about.


8. Do not forget water and a snack

Hydration and energy are key! Do not forget to pack an extra snack and water to help fuel you throughout the ride. It may be the bit of confidence you need to know you can finish out the ride! Plus, these energy essentials can help keep you safe!


9. Do not forget your bike tools

It’s important to prepare for what to do in case you cannot keep biking. Plan a back-up option such as packing enough change to put your bike on a bus. If your bike just has a flat or other minor maintenance issue, bringing tools for roadside repair could be the best solution. Essential bike tools include a multitool, spare tube, patch kit, tire lever, and air pump. Feel free to check out our other video to learn how to fix a flat bike tire.

Group rides are a fun way to exercise with your fellow cyclists and get more comfortable with biking around town. Remember these tips to make your next group ride an enjoyable one!

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