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Climb Pittsburgh Hills like a pro

Picture this: You’re coasting through the streets of downtown Pittsburgh…then, BAM! You find yourself at the base of a large hill. Let’s be honest, hills can be a bit of a challenge, but, when you’re thoroughly prepared for the climb, it can be rather fulfilling. Here are 6 tips to properly prepare you for how to efficiently climb a hill.

6 TIPS to make Climbing hills easier:

1. Make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes

When riding up a hill, comfortable shoes with a tread on the bottom are key to keeping your feet on the pedals. If you do not have a tread on your shoes, it’s possible your feet may start to slip from the pedals as you’re riding up the hill.


2. Do not overthink the climb

When you’re sitting at the bottom of a hill, climbing to the top may seem like a big task. Overthinking a climb can be discouraging, so be sure to mentally prepare and get pumped. You got this!


3. Shift gears before you start climbing

Before you start climbing, it’s important to shift gears on flat ground while in motion. Get a good pace going, switch to a comfortable gear, then you’re ready to transition to climbing the hill!


4. Pace yourself

The most effective way to climb a hill comfortably is to pace yourself. You dont want to tire yourself out in the middle of the hill by starting at too fast of a pace. Start slow to get into a rhythm, then you can think about slightly lifting the pace.


5. Stay seated or stand up

Depending on your bike’s gearing, the steepness of the hill, and personal preference, you can either stay seated or stand up out of the saddle. This really comes down to how comfortable you are on the hill. Standing up out of the saddle will give you a bit more speed, but, again, you don’t want to tire out too early. When in doubt, feel it out!


6. Feel free to walk

There’s no shame in stopping to walk up the hill if you’re feeling like you’ve reached your limits. Simply, pull off to the side of the road, dismount, and walk up a sidewalk or shoulder. Keep practicing, and you’ll get it next time!

Climbing hills can be a challenge, but, with practice, determination, and a few tips, climbing to the top of a steep hill can be easier. Plus, the Dirty Dozen is coming up…and practice makes perfect. So, remember these tips, and, if they worked for you, feel free to share them with a friend!

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