Video: How to Start and Stop

Learn How to Start and Stop Confidently on two wheels

It’s important to feel comfortable riding with traffic, especially during those busy times of the day. Starting and stopping is a great place to begin learning the basics of city cycling. Boost your confidence biking on the street with some tips on how to start and stop safely.

How to Start

Get into the Tripod Position

To get into the tripod position, start out of the saddle. Then, put your dominant foot on the pedal at the 2 ‘o clock power position, while holding down the brake levers. Tip: Never start with your front pedal in a down position. This will throw you off-balance

Observe Traffic

Observe traffic to make sure it’s safe to start. Once the coast is clear, let go of your brakes and push down on your pedal with your weight to launch yourself forward.

How to Stop

Engage Both Brakes

Engage both brakes evenly and gradually to stop smoothly. Tip: Never abruptly pull on the brakes. Also, don’t engage just the front or back brake. This can cause you to lose your balance while stopping.

Return to the Tripod Position

When you come to a complete stop, step into the tripod position. Return your pedals to the power position, with your dominant pedal at the 2 o’ clock space.


Effective starting and stopping is a great place to gain confidence on the road, so be sure to practice these skills. Remember these tips, and feel free to share them with a friend! Stay tuned for more information on basic city cycling. Click here to check out more videos.

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