Ride in Peace: National Solidarity through the #RedCupProject

Example of the #RedCupProject in Portland, OR.

Safe streets advocates across the globe are creating protected bike lanes with Red cups today 

Tragically, in Washington DC, on Friday, April 19, 2019, Dave Salovesh, a beloved bike advocate, was killed by a driver while biking on Florida Avenue. This is an area where advocates have been calling for a protected bike lane for a long time.

One of the last things that Dave said was, “Separating bike lanes from general traffic, and keeping motor vehicles out, is the best thing cities can do to keep people bicycling safe.”

So, in the spirit of Dave’s advocacy and in solidarity with the DC advocates and those across the United States, Europe and other places, we join the global bike advocacy community in participating in the #RedCupProject exactly one week after his fatal crash.

BikePGH #RedCupProject pop-up on Negley Ave

Take Action! Write an e-mail to House and Senate Committee Members Today!

Dave’s death comes right in the middle of Pennsylvania’s effort to pass legislation to legalize parking protected bike lanes. Currently, BikePGH is coordinating with The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia to organize people across the state to write to their congress people and them to support this bill.

Right now we are calling on you to take action now and urge those in power to pass the legislation. Click here to TAKE ACTION NOW!

The bills are called Protected Pedestrian Plazas and Pedalcycle Lanes, HB792 in the House, and SB565 in the Senate.

Check out our live coverage of BikePGH’s #RedCupProject event

Take a look at this parking protected bike lane in Pittsburgh

A parking protected bike lane on East Ohio Street in Pittsburgh’s Northside.

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