6 Valentines for Your Favorite Bicyclists

Send these 6 bike valentine’s to your favorite bicyclists

Happy Valentine’s Day, Pittsburgh! Here at BikePGH we are absolutely in love with bikes, bike lanes, bike infrastructure, and bicyclists. If you need some help expressing your own sentiments, we’ve made it a little easier. Enjoy! 😘

1. Will you be my valentine?

Is there anyone you would trust enough to share a tandem bike? That person is probably your truest love.

2. My heart spins only for yousss

Are you familiar with this feeling? It’s that feeling of getting super sweaty and heart pumping, but without even riding your bike.

3. You look so sweet upon the 
seat of affordable transit

Don’t tell them, but BikePGH has a little crush on Healthy Ride…

4. Will you be my valentine?

If you like it, you shoulda put a U-lock on it.

5. I “wheelie” love bike lanes 

Get it? Like a wheelie! Show some love for bike infrastructure that keeps us safe and saves lives.

6. I like you, slightly more than 
my bike…

Don’t underestimate this one. Some of us REALLY like our bikes.

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Posted by Samone Riddle

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