WMNBikePGH Meetups Go Virtual!

Join Us for Our First WMNBikePGH Virtual Meetup!

While we may not be able to ride bikes and grab coffee in-person, we don’t have to isolate ourselves! Now is a great time to reconnect with each other, learn new skills, and think collectively about how we can support each other during this difficult time.

Our first WMNBikePGH Virtual Coffee Meetup will be held next Wednesday, April 22nd at 8:30 AM via Zoom. Be sure to join our private WMNBikePGH Facebook group in advance for access to the video chat link, and subscribe to our Women & Non-Binary Program eNewsletter to stay in the loop about future virtual meetups.

In the coming weeks, we’ll also be sharing stories on BikePGH’s Instagram to lift your spirits, share resources for safe biking and walking, and create a space to come together while we’re physically distancing. We hope you’ll hop on your bike with the knowledge that the rest of the WMNBikePGH community is riding with you in spirit.

In the meantime, stay safe, remain positive, and we’ll see you online!

BikePGH’s Women and Non-Binary Program is inclusive of trans and cis women, intersex people, non-binary, genderqueer, agender and gender variant folks, as well as those whose gender identity falls outside of the dominant conceptions of gender. We aim to create a safer space where people can speak and move freely expressing themselves authentically without added fear of microaggressions and discrimination due to gender and expression.

Thank you to our presenting sponsor Dollar Bank!

While it’s easy to feel isolated during this time, know that we are all connected through our biking and walking community. If you’re able, please join or renew your BikePGH membership today so that we can continue to push forward for these essential, positive changes in our city.

Need to check on your membership status? Contact us at membership@bikepgh.org.

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