Operation Illumination: BikePGH distributed free bike lights to 70 bicyclists in Homewood

Getting back to the people!

Last week’s Operation Illumination event in Homewood was a great success, BikePGH staff members gave out 70 sets of bike lights to neighbors in the community.

BikePGH cares about riders’ safety and education, and this is one of the most direct ways that we can interact with our community to provide that assistance. Every year, BikePGH’s goal is to give away 200 hundred bike lights across the communities of Pittsburgh.

Cyclists young and old joined us at the corner of Homewood Ave and Hamilton Ave in Pittsburgh’s Homewood neighborhood to enjoy the free light giveaway. 

Growth of the community!

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, people are looking for safe and affordable ways to navigate the Pittsburgh region, work, carry out essential activities, and get some exercise (while safely social distancing). During the pandemic, ridership has increased around the world! In these trying times, resources have been scarce from bike shortages to local bike shops running out of gear.

The team at BikePGH wants to make sure everyone has safe riding experience by providing bike lights, bike maps, and our biking 101 guides to anyone who stopped by our pop-up.  

 The Mission Continues

BikePGH has provided communities across Pittsburgh with free bike lights for 8 years now! With more people riding bikes, we will continue to ensure that no cyclist goes without bike lights. Each year our goal is to give away 200 hundred bike lights to unlit cyclists. Decreasing vulnerability by increasing visibility helps all commuters have a safe commuting experience.

Join BikePGH in giving back to the cycling community and make a contribution to the Operation Illumination program today. ($30 is the cost of one set of lights for an unlit rider.)

Stay Connected

With the first Operation Illumination having such a good turn out, we know that we will be back out in the community giving out additional bike lights this year. We will continue to follow local and CDC guidelines to ensure the safety of both the community and our team. Keep an eye out for our next pop up and until then check out our other resources, publications, and upcoming events. Follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter for updates on all of our events!

Remember to stay safe, stay active, and stay visible. Thanks For Reading!

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