We Bike. We Walk. We Vote!

Everything you need to know about voting in Pennsylvania

September 22 was National Voter Registration Day, and so this week we are reminding those of you who aren’t registered to get registered. The result of elections determine policy and funding for cities, transportation like biking and walking, public health, the environment, policing, and programs that help lift people out of poverty (or don’t).

Visit VotesPA.com to get registered. It only takes a couple of minutes. The last day to register is October 19.

Not sure if you’re registered? Check your status here.

Those of you who are already registered and might have questions about voting in person vs. by mail. You can also visit VotesPA.com to get your questions answered.

If you choose to vote by mail, ballot applications must be received by your county elections office by October 27 at 5pm.

Make a plan!

For everyone – people voting for the first time, to super voters – with coronavirus still running rampant, this year is different. Make a plan for how you’re going to vote. Familiarize yourself with the details and then make it happen. If you’re voting by mail apply soon and once you get your ballot return it by mail or at a ballot drop box as soon as possible. 

Your vote is your power and is one way to shape the world we live in. Get out there and exercise your right!

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