Wed. Oct 21: Mon-Oakland Mobility Project Public Meeting

Trails with shuttles as well as new trails proposed for Hazelwood and the Run

The Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI) is hosting a meeting on Wednesday, October 21 to discuss the latest iteration of the Mon-Oakland Mobility Project. The project is looking to bring a free shuttle service between Hazelwood and the Universities in Oakland via Junction Hollow and The Run. 

The shuttle will run where the Junction Hollow Trail is currently located, creating a 0.4 mile road that will be shared with bicyclists, walkers, runners as well as reconstructing the car-free Three Rivers Heritage Trail closer to the train tracks. 

During phase 2, there are plans to build a new shared shuttle road/trail along a refurbished 0.6 mile Sylvan St, new trail connections along Boundary St and Swinburne St, as well as a trail connection to Panther Hollow Lake and a fix to “the Chute” along Second Ave.

The full plan, costing well over $20M, is not short on controversy, and the impact to the bicycling, walking, and park experience will change. 

The shuttle, open to the public and free, is expected to run every 10 minutes during peak time, and every 15 minutes during non peak, between 6:00am and 10:00pm on weekdays, 9:30am to 5:05pm on weekends. The claimed top speed of the shuttle is going to be 15mph, and speed data will be made public.

Important things to discuss with the City regarding trails:

  • How sharing a trail with shuttles will affect trail users
  • The new trail proposals and their designs along Boundary, Sylvan, Swinburne
  • How the Chute will connect Junction Hollow Trail to Eliza Furnace Trail
  • How the Hazelwood Trail connects to the Hot Metal Bridge
  • The mew Junction Hollow Trail alignment
  • Trail detours, construction, and closure plans
  • Lighting the trails

Preview the presentation for more details. 

Be sure to weigh in on the latest in this ever changing project on Wednesday, October 21. 

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