Friendly reminder that rainbows and parties are all well and good, but put your money where your mouth is and support your local LGBTQIA+ organizations!

Critical Mass Pride Ride, PGH Underwear Ride, and more for Pride Month 2022

If you haven’t already noticed by the momentary increase of corporations and businesses showcasing the colors of the rainbow on their logos… June is Pride Month 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

To us Pride Month is a huge deal, as it commemorates the June 1969 Stonewall riots, aka the catalyst for the LGBT civil rights movement in the United States. That’s the core of why it is so important, and thus, we celebrate!

You too can support our LGBTQIA+ community by donating to local organizations, remembering that the original leaders of this movement were trans women of color and Black lesbians, and by showing up to these great local rides and events!

🌈 Critical Mass Pride Ride | Friday, June 10th, at 6:30 PM | Event by PGH Critical Mass

“Decorate your bike, wear your pride colors, and be your truest self.” This month’s ride will be shorter and flatter than last, with a longer break for dancing and fun in Schenley Park. This is a 7 mile ride with an estimated 414 feet of elevation. Follow @pgh_critical_mass on Instagram to learn more!

🌈 WMNBikePGH Virtual Meetup: Biking Communities & Rides (Online) | Monday, June 13 at 6 PM | Event by Bike Pittsburgh

Join us for an online panel of biking resources! Check out some local Pittsburgh groups providing safe spaces in cycling for women and nonbinary folks and those whose gender identity falls outside of the dominant concepts of gender. 
Guest Speakers:
🌟 Ms. Robin Woods (she/her), Black Girls do Bike, Women @ Work
🌟Anna-Lena Kempen (she/her), Pgh Babes on Bikes, Women’s Weekly Road Rides
🌟Katie Blackburn (she/her/they), WTF Night: FreeRide
🌟Karen Brooks (she/her), Wheel Mill, BikePGH Board Member
🌟Angelica Pietranton (she/her), The Wheel Mill
🌟Alyssa Crawford (she/they), Venture Outdoors

Plus, be sure to mark your calendars for the next in-person WMNBikePGH group rides, the Annual GAP Camping Trip, and 9th Annual Women and Non-Binary Summit!

🌈 PGH Underwear Ride / Block Party | Thursday, June 30th, 8 PM | Event by Pgh Underwear Bike Ride

Join PGH Underwear Bike Ride for their Pride Underwear Ride! The underwear bike ride is about having fun and promoting a positive self-body image. The three hour ride will begin at 46th and Butler and end at KLVN Coffee Lab for an after party.

“#POGOHPRIDE Machines” | Find them in POGOH station across the Burgh

Try out one of these beauties on the next POGOH Community Ride: “Ride to TRAF 2022” – Thursday June 9th, starting at 5pm from the Color Park POGOH Station in South Side.

Did we miss adding your pride ride or Pride Month bicycle event to this list?

Let us know by sending us an Instagram DM @bikepgh. Or, share it to our Community Events Calendar.

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