Candidates Respond – We Bike. We Walk. We Vote. 2013


Educate yourself on where the candidates stand on our issues and vote in the primary election on Tuesday, May 21. Your safety and wellbeing depend on it.

Biking and walking are political issues. When you choose to get around by foot or by bike, you are addressing critically important issues: personal health, air quality, oil dependence, economics, infrastructure, and safety. Making the choice easy and safe for people to use a bicycle or to walk for basic transportation is often up to our elected officials and their commitment to dedicate the funding and resources needed to make our streets safe for everyone whether they are 8 years old or 80.

This year, we wanted to clearly show the candidates that these issues are not only utterly important for the lives, safety and health of our citizens, but that they are also hugely popular. Yet again, Pittsburgh ranked 5th in the nation (of the largest 60 US cities) for the number of people who primarily bike and/or walk to work. However, the infrastructure making sure that these workers stay safe is seriously lacking and disconnected.

We started this election cycle with a petition to the Mayoral Candidates (which you can still sign) with the simple message:

“We want the Mayoral candidates to pledge to make Pittsburgh more livable for everyone, by making our streets and communities safe and inviting for biking and walking.”

As of May 16, over 2,500 people have signed the petition, making it clear that Pittsburghers want safe places to walk and/or ride their bicycles so they can get to work, run errands, visit their favorite restaurant, or simply enjoy time being active with their children while not having to worry about threats from cars. Furthermore, bikes mean business! Nationwide, cities are competing to attract companies that will bring young, bright people to live there. Cities that are easy and safe to get around by bike are at a significant advantage over the cities that are not.

20 Questions with the candidates

We asked each candidate the same 20 questions pertaining to key biking and walking issues. Take a moment and read their responses – our beautiful city depends on it.  Then go to the polls on Tuesday, May 21 and vote.

We would like to sincerely thank all of the candidates for taking the time to fill out our questionnaire.


2013 Candidates for Mayor of Pittsburgh 

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Democratic Candidates

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2013 City Council Candidates

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Council District 7 SPECIAL ELECTION


Council District 2

  • Theresa Kail-Smith – Did not respond

Council District 4

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Council District 8

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