• OpenStreetsPGH – May 31

    Penn and Butler are opening this summer...

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  • Bike Share Launches May 31 at #OpenStreetsPGH

    Sign up to join in the inaugural mass ride on a Healthy Ride bike or your own bike.

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  • Pittsburgh Needs Complete Streets

    Bike Pittsburgh is leading the fight for safe streets for all road users.

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  • City Cycling Classes

    Check out our new cyclist education program.

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OpenStreetsPGH July 20

Ngani’s OpenStreetsPGH Shopping List

Shop on Car-Free Streets at OpenStreetsPGH By Ngani Ndimbie I’m really, really, really excited for OpenStreetsPGH. Not just because it’s…

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    I would agree with all of the recommendations that have been made in this thread. Getting to the top of Mt. Washington is definitely a challenge. Y…

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    Woodn’t it be nice you found this tag? Then you could ride out and pick it up And woodn’t it be nice to ride a HelBike And be the first t…

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    Mt. Lebo commuter here. South 18th isn’t so bad, it’s just long. And the incline is always a nice fallback on the days when you’re …

  •  paulheckbert on bike share is coming

    Erin Potts sent me an email and I got my voucher code. If you’re not registered for the mass ride but you want to join the group tomorrow morni…