Mayor Peduto reading protected bike lane thank you letters

One Thousand Thank You Letters

Taking the time to say thanks About a month ago we sent an email to our supporters requesting that they…

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  •  paulheckbert on Oakland-Strip District Trail

    Here is the discussion from June, with photos and topo maps: My preferred bi…

  •  gg on Where to put Bike Lanes?

    Benzo: #3 Bike lanes on butler st (or at least well marked shoulders) from 57th st to highland park bridge. Thank you so much for mentioning this. I…

  •  gg on Could be worse here

    That is on a Sunday. Might be a fun trip. I of course have to work as I do every day. Hope someone can make it.

  •  buffalo buffalo on Hazelwood Trail: Input Session 10/16/2014

    Hazelwood Trail runs along the river from the Hot Metal Bridge to about halfway between that fence and Hazelwood Ave, then turns and runs into Old Se…