Survey: We Need Your Help, Pennsylvania!

Collaborative project seeks your help to improve biking and walking in PA Bike Pittsburgh, Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, and PeopleForBikes…


OpenStreetsPGH was a Success!

OpenStreetsPGH 2014 Yesterday was Pittsburgh’s first open streets event where people young and old danced, rode, walked, climbed and played in…

Open Streets PGH

PG Blog: Positively 6th Street

On Sunday, July 20 Open Streets PGH will open 6th St. and others so people can Dance, Ride, Walk, Skate and…

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  •  stefb on Bikes Reported Stolen 2014

    At federal and parkhurst in the north side at the barber shop/pawn shop. I had a hard time telling what kind of bike it is in person, and this pic is…

  •  Steven on Thrift Store bikes

    There are two threads on this. In the other thread, the original owner stated the serial number of the recovered bike didn’t match his bike sto…

  •  quizbot on Thrift Store bikes

    How does @angel71529 know what the cereal numbers are on the alleged stolen & not stolen bikes? I’m slow to pick up on funny.

  •  stefb on Bikes Reported Stolen 2014