Wild New Bike Lane Coming

Bike lane to be installed on One Wild Place as soon as weather permits This just in: Highland Park is…

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  •  Ahlir on Tag-o-Rama 4

    Brucellosis is a disease of mainly cattle, swine, goats, sheep and dogs. The infection is transmitted to humans by animals through direct contact wit…

  •  paulheckbert on Schenley to Frick

    I would try Darlington all the way from Schenley Drive to Beechwood. But if you want the *perfect* ride, try it during a Steelers Superbowl, or on Ch…

  •  paulheckbert on Cyclists struck by vehicle on Penn 5/3/16

    I see two red blinkies still blinking, after the crash. They’re pretty mangled, but it appears that we’re looking at the rear end of both…

  •  Mick on Bye Bye Beechwood Bike Lanes

    Beechwood is wide enough for them to have a parking lane wide enough for a door zone, then a bike lane., then still plenty of room for cars .